Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sleepy Jackson - A Selection of Lyrics For Your Listening Pleasure

If I was a girl I would wear a miniskirt into town * When you think with your mind, you've got a place to go now * I had everything I wanted, but you wanted more, I had everything I needed, but you needed more * Crime comes to them like a worried vein, girls get married like they live in vain * I will start myself a revolution * This will take some time I know, and it's going slow I know * Your lonely town's in fear, your idols are crushed by the wind * I lost my mind, it was blown in the wind and I did all of this for you * Girl, it's a long time without lovin' * Love in two days, it's too much, and I fell right through all of you into nothing * When I wake up in the morning, I see your eyes, your bright eyes * It's hard to have fun like a kid does * Take this bucket of love and add some laughter to it * You're better off on your own, when things get tough, just take a rest * The pretty ones seem to get fucked up all the time * It's hard when you don't know what you've done, and it causes no-one fun * Girl, it's a long time when you're runnin' * Love lasts forever with you * God knows if you're ever going to show, but they all know that it's dark and there's no light * We're too far gone, I feel the lights will not come back on * It's true I never had no fun with you, now there's acid in my heart * I understand what you want, I understand what you need, but I just don't agree * You miss my friends more than you ever miss me.

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