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Holy Bible: GNT - Good News BibleHoly Bible: GNT - Good News Bible by Anonymous
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What My Oldest Daughter Claudia Believes (at Age 17, on 9 October, 2012)

I believe that honesty is important; however there are some situations where it's better not to say anything at all. Sometimes the truth hurts more.

I believe that religion started as a written story that acted as a code of morals to help people live a good and virtuous life, however some time in history the story got lost in translation over generations and people began to believe that it was true. I believe that I can live a virtuous life without the need to follow the principles of a religion. My parents said this to me only once as a young child, and it is one of the things I have never forgotten and taken to heart. I consider myself an atheist and I do not need a religion or a God to help me through life.

However; even though I do not believe in the story surrounding Christianity and God, I believe that the principles or the Ten Commandments are very important to live a virtuous life – such as: no killing; respect family, friends and neighbours; do not steal; do not commit adultery; do not envy. As long as you have a sense of morals – with or without the help of religion, I believe that you can go far in life.

Similarly, I believe that the fact that there are so many different religions that have different messages trying to compete for our loyalty, means that there is no right and only religion. If there were only one main religion, it confuses me why were more created with each trying to out-do each other. The fact that we do not have one universal religion and world view makes me believe that there is no religion.

I believe that humans have no soul, and instead our consciousness and morality result from our brain and previous experiences.

I believe that there is no life after death and no heaven because we have no soul. When we die, our body decomposes and is returned to the earth where we are recycled into a new organism. I am not scared of dying, as I believe that if you live your life to the fullest every day, you are then able to die a happy and satisfied person.

I only believe in things that have hard facts and scientific proof. I believe in reason over faith.

I believe that it was a fluke of evolution that humans exist and that we are living right now. We have advanced and created to the point where we have been able to support such sophisticated lives. It is the nature of humanity to try to control and manage the environment, to continue to survive. Therefore, this makes me believe that there is no celestial being that controls us.

I believe in the importance of exercise and healthy eating. We have developed over time to become such a sophisticated society, however I find it extremely worrying that people are doing less and less exercise and are no longer concerned about their health and well-being. To me, this seems like a backwards step, as we came from ancestors who were constantly fit in order to survive. I believe that something must be done urgently about obesity because it will eventually cause the destruction of our population. I am passionate about teaching and helping others to live a healthy life.

I believe in striving to perform all tasks given to me to the best of my capabilities and giving everything 100% effort. While it may seem annoying and worthless at the time, I know I will look back on that moment and realise I could have given more. I take this approach in my assignments, study and my sporting life, as I take everything seriously and give it my best shot. That way if I know I’m disappointed with my results, there is nothing to regret on my behalf.

I believe that it is important to get out of the house and do something – either with friends, or just being outside and enjoying the world around me. The world is too beautiful to spend inside sitting on the couch and watching TV. This belief came from me through my mum, as she is extremely active and would rather be doing something interesting with us.

I believe in the value of travelling and experiencing different cultures. It is important to not be narrow-minded, and it also helps appreciate and understand other people, while also realising that the world does not revolve around you. When I leave school, I am travelling to Paris and London with my family; and then I am going on my own trip to Greece and Italy with my friend Emma during the University Holidays, so I get so see more of the world. Similarly to this, I also believe in the value of learning history at schools, because it further teaches you this acceptance of other cultures.

I believe that commitment is important. Whether it be in a team sport and training, or commitment to others in group work; there is always a bigger picture and your attitude will negatively or positively affect somebody else.

I believe that bad things happen, and often they are uncontrollable and just bad luck. However; I think it is important to make the best out of each situation and take a valuable life lesson from it so you are better prepared. Things have happened to me, which at the time felt unbearable, but I found the strength to get through it, and I know that I am a better and more confident person because of it.

I believe in the quote by the Dali Lama, “Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” To me I find this really appropriate because it is very important to live your life with some flexibility and openness for change, as every day will not be the same and you never what to expect.  However; while you should embrace the change, you should still retain the values you believe in, because they never need to change.

I believe in Gay Marriage. Everyone should have the right to love whoever then want, and be able to express this love in a way they choose such as marriage. Everyone is equal, and someone should not be discriminated by their sexual preference.

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